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At NMA Decorators we offer a standard of service you simply won’t find anywhere else. This is because we only employ skilled tradesman with extensive experience in painting and decorating.

Decoration requires flare and attention to detail; all our tradesman are qualified to the highest standards and are able to apply all skills to producing eye catching finishes.

What’s more is that we are willing to support you with every aspect of your painting and decorating Project. For example we can guide you about colour schemes and help you understand the effects of your choices we know how to judge colours that will be sympathetic to the function of your room. In addition NMA Decorators can offer advice about the appropriate textures to use and offer innovative and bespoke designs that can really have an impact on your room.

Whatever your looking for in painting and decorating NMA Decorators can ensure your vision is not just met- it’s surpassed.


NMA Decorators offer a wide range of interior and exterior decorating and refurbishment services. From Sash window repairs and painting, external decoration to masonry, woodwork and ironmongery are just some of the services we offer.

Along with your property we also offer outdoor services, such decking, fencing, sheds and outdoor living areas, get in touch for more details.

Interior Services...
Walls, ceilings and covings, floor coatings, Wallpapering, luxury wallpapers, lining papers, woodwork, satin wood, stains and gloss, special paint finishes, eco friendly paints.
Exterior Services...
Exterior painting to sash windows, decking, fencing, sheds and outdoor living spaces, are some of the services we offer.
Specialist Services...
We also offer a wide range of speciality finishes, including marble effect painting. Get in touch for more information.


It’s always tempting to put up with those small tasks particularly when money is tight. However pushing maintenance projects to one side can be a costly mistake.

Some of the advantages of well planned maintenance of obvious. Others are less so. The obvious benefits include lifting the burden of scheduling and inspection and putting together the complex combination of painters and associated Traders that is often required. The expensive consequences that may arise when maintenance is postponed because of the demands of core business can also be completely avoided.

Planned maintenance painting can also bring substantial cost advantages for our clients. We can arrange work at times that minimise disruption and provide professionally supervised service to ensure that an ancillary work is carried out to our own high standards.

A building is a long-term investment. It makes sense to develop a long term relationship with specialist who will protect its fabric and its integrity as well as its appearance.


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